Guitars Of The Underground - MiniDisc - UK Import


If you like guitars, you're going to love these 11 brand new tracks from upcoming, independent artists.

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

As this will be a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...

Available as:

  • MiniDisc - Duplicated on upcycled 2nd user Scotch MiniDiscs


  1. Hunter - You Could Be The One
  2. Krom - Hibernation
  3. Leaving Springfield - Never Enough
  4. EdShapedHole - Unholy
  5. The Cathodes - Dr Fell
  6. Yesterday's News - Procrastination
  7. Abe's Apes - You
  8. Wicked Garden - Over And Done
  9. 3rd Degree Gurns - Classy Man
  10. Null Rays - Guest Of Honor
  11. Paralies - A Song For Your Light